"Knot2Kinky is 100% better than typical wire.  I'm burning through substantially less terminal tackle and I'm boating more quality fish.  I hate using regular wire now.  This stuff  is simply better!"


Capt. Mike Genoun


Florida Sport Fishing Magazine

"What a great product you guys are making!  The InvisaSwivels hold up really well and don't spook fish in light line situations.  As a tournament angler and guide, I need every edge I can get to get that extra bite and the InvisaSwivel definitely gives me that edge.  The Knot2Kinky wire is also a great product.  I can us eit over and over and it always straightens back out.  The best part is I don't have to worry about it breaking in a tough fight against a shark or other toothy critter."


- Manny Perez  WINNER 2008 ESPN Redfish

Cup Championship



"Intersting product and surprisingly the darn things are both rugges and effective.  They're well produced, offer anglers an alternative to the heavier barrel swivels.  Our store staff have used them fishing the bay near our shop.  The guys like the slower sink rate, and they are stealthy."


- Mark Smith  Charkbait!

"Great Product!  
We sell the heck out of them at Big Time Bait and Tackle in Marathon, FL. Keys"

- Capt. Jack Carlson - RAVING FAN 

Hello my name is Capt. Dustin Lee with Fish'N Addiction Guide Service and Pro Redfish Team. My Tournament partner was up at ICast and picked up some of the Invisa Swivels from you guys. Well we put them to the test this past weekend fishing the Texas Redfish Series in South Padre, Tx. We caught over 40 redfish from 25" to over 29" and never had a 1 of the swivels break. I have to say I am impressed with your product. How can I get more of these for my charter business? If they work as well as I see they have then you have a winning product in my book. Thanks to the Invisa Swivels, we finished in the top 10 in this pro tournament in 9th place!!!



Terminal Tackle isn't glamorous. But occasionally new ideas seem so simple, that the idea becomes remarkable from the standpoint that you wonder why you didn't think of it first. That's the case with the new Invisa Swivel from Aquateko. At first glance it looks like a plastic swivel. But it's really a transparent, miniscule, yet still fully functional and practical replacement to the common barrel swivel made out of a fluorocarbon-like material called fluoro-clear. Read the Whole Wired2Fish.com Article Here




"Raving Fan"

"In the spring, I always look forward to the Spanish Mackerel run along the beach, but hate getting cut off because they bite the swivel.  I bought a package of InvisaSwivels just to try but had my doubts.  Needless to say there is no reason to go back to metal swivels ever again.  Not only do they save on time retying but also less trips to the bait shop for more gear.  Put me down as a raving fan."


- Matt F.  St. Augstine FL


“I am proud to announce that you are the winner of our Sportsman Group New Product of the Year for 2009.  In our daily activities, we come across a lot of new and innovative products.  The Aquateko InvisaSwivels are an exciting new twist on the old metal standard: durability with stealth.” 

- Mark Hilzim NC Sportsman  Magazine

“Rarely does a revolutionary new product come along that simply makes perfect sense. Aquateko’s InvisaSwivel is one such innovation that allows anglers the ability to substantially increase their stealth factor - a key factor when fishing ultra-clear water and when targeting spooky predators. Manufactured of clear plastic Fluoro-Clear and nearly indestructible, InvisaSwivel was developed for the avid angler who simply wants to increase their score. Tie one on today and watch your catch ratio soar!”

– Captain Mike Genoun, Founder/Editor, Florida Sport Fishing Magazine.

"Put quite simply, fish can't get spooked by a terminal tackle they can't see.  The InvisaSwivel solves this problem!" 

- Capt. Rick Ryals



"I used the swivels in Florida.  They worked great.  Sharks, Mackerel, Sheepshead, Pompano and more.  The place I think they worked the best was the clearer water!"


- Capt. Gregory Switzer,  Prime Time Charters, Sodus Point, NY



"Thank you for my recent order. I believe in your products so much that I just placed another order for the 150 and 200lb. series. Recently, on a fishing trip off West Palm Beach, FL. I showed my fishing partner, Layne, your 55lb swivel and we tied it on and within 20 minutes we had our first fish on that line, a king that went 20lbs. We thought that the name should be changed to "Stealth Swivel". We are looking forward to any new products that you are developing. I will use the 150/200's on my next "Deep Drop" trip off the VA coast this summer!"


Mark Maravilla