About Aquateko

Dear Fishing Friends,  

At Aquateko, we never lose sight of the fact that our products will be used for recreational to professional tournaments. It is this philosophy that keeps our products to the highest industry standards. Our Nickel-Titanium wire is made of space-age material that was created through years of Naval Research now transferred to your fishing rod.
Our Knot 2 Kinky wire is a superelastic alloy which can be stretched and bent at least ten times more than ordinary steel leaders without permanent deformation. The perfect formula of Nickel and Titanium alloys creates a superelastic property to this leader. This allows a fish to apply an enormous bite that will then stretch the Knot 2 Kinky wire and then recover where steel would snap. 
The line is also programmed to stay straight because we straight anneal the wire through a complex annealing process. Knot 2 Kinky wire really does have a memory to stay straight through our annealing process. A memory is created by restraining the material in exactly the shape required (straight, of course) and heating to a temperature above 932°F (500°C) for period of time. The shape will be set upon cooling and will have a memory of laser straight. There simply is no other line that is straighter than Knot 2 Kinky wire. 
We all know how frustrating it is to change kinked rigs, valuable time is wasted especially in tournaments. I have fished for years offshore and inshore and always experienced frustration using steel leader because of the constant kinks and bends which caused my baits to swim improperly. It seemed the steel leader was only good for one catch and left the wire with a ton of bends and kinks. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to sit on a rocking boat trying to re-tie or change rigs when the fishing is on! Now you can cast your bait back in the water and catch another! With Knot 2 Kinky wire your day starts and ends with the same leader.
Keith Kessler, 
Owner Aquateko International LLC. 
Where Quality of Service Counts