"CRYSTAL CLEAR" InvisaSwivel Variety Kits Best Value!

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The InvisaSwivel line represents a revolutionary development in terminal tackle. InvisaSwivels can bend but will recoil without losing their free spinning qualities. Made of Flouro-Clear they are practically invisible in water. The superior resin compound provides near-neutral buoyancy and, unlike metal swivels, rigging with InvisaSwivels does not add weight allowing for more natural live bait presentations. Plus, given their nonmetallic composition, they will never corrode. InvisaSwivel is perfect for anglers not proficient in tying complicated joining knots. A standard clinch knot on either end of InvisaSwivel makes a perfect transition between main line and leader.

Inshore Kit

Inshore and freshwater anglers will appreciate the clarity and light weight of the Inshore Series, with swivels ranging from 12lb to 55lb test. This Kit includes the inshore sizes + clipper and neck strap.

Offshore Kit

Offshore enthusiasts will appreciate the larger sizes available from 80lb to 200lb. This Kit includes the offshore sizes + clipper and neck strap.